Lynn Root

Company : Spotify

Personal/Company Website: http://www.roguelynn.com

Partner Engineer

PRISM-AS-A-SERVICE: Not Subject to American Law

X-as-a-Service products are integral in the U.S. tech industry with their ability to take the pain out of server configuration, maintenance, provisioning, data storage and other aspects of running a server. With the recent outing of PRISM, a clandestine national security electronic surveillance program, the next desirable IT feature is "not subject to American law." How can we leverage cloud-based software while maintaining privacy?

This talk is a look at what exactly PRISM is, how PRISM affects cloud services, and how best to approach securing data and preserving privacy within the cloud.


Software engineer for Spotify, founder of the San Francisco Chapter of PyLadies, board member of the Python Software Foundation.  VM breaker, insomniac, coffee addict.