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Jordan M. Bonagura

CSO's myopia

The CSO's Myopia

Before reading this article imagine what it would be like to manage your company without your customer’s data or if the data was in your competitors’ hands.
The value of data is an established fact and almost doesn’t bear mentioning. The experiences your customers acquire along the years as well as their database are fundamental and represent a great competitive edge in this new corporate era.
Keeping this in mind we realize the importance of implementing specific policies in order to build a base to guarantee the safety of these data.
Recently, there’s been an increase in security related incidents in a way that IT management has become more and more complex and, automatically, the need for a new kind of professional has emerged, the Chief Security Officer (CSO). 
The CSO has become the person responsible for all risk areas, data security and, also for the definition and implementation of security strategies and policies that a company will implement.
I will show how the "limited" vision of some CSO's can impact on fool vulnerabilities making the company with serious security issues.

Link to presentation: (still in portuguese)



Jordan M. Bonagura is a computer scientist, post graduated in Business Strategic Management, Innovation and Teaching (teaching methodology and research).

He works as a teacher and course coordinator. Work too as information security consultant with emphasis to new breaches and its exploration forms. (CEH)

Professor in the area of information technology in various institutions, founder of Vale Security Conference, Stay Safe Podcast and Magazine, SJC Hacker Space, member of High Crimes Technologies commission at OAB-SP, member of Cloud Security Alliance (Brazil) and speaker at security conferences (H2HC, SegInfo, ValeSec, ITA, INPE, etc).