David Schwartzberg

Company : Barracuda Networks

Personal/Company Website: www.barracuda.com

Senior Security Engineer

DIY Command & Control For Fun And *No* Profit

This talk is called "DIY Command & Control For Fun And *No* Profit" because many security professionals have heard about Command & Control botnets, even more have been infected by them. Very few have had the opportunity to actually look inside the server control panel of a C&C. This mainly hands - on presentation will walk you through a very dark corner of the Internet and provide a glimpse of the daily life of a cybercriminal. Live malware will be used during this presentation so make sure you turn off your Wi-Fi.


David Schwartzberg is a Senior Security Engineer at Barracuda Networks, specializing in malware, web threats, endpoint and data protection, mobile security, cloud and network security. David has presented at GrrCON, THOTCON, DerbyCon, BSides and several other conferences. David is currently blogging independently, but previously wrote for Dark Reading, and was a guest blogger for the award winning Naked Security blog. He also published “Computers for Kids: Something In, Something Out” in 2011 and David has earned several certifications in the field including CNA, CNE, MCP, Network+, Security+ and CISSP.